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Love Yourself Financially

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Love Yourself Financially

Wealth Coaching For Women

Love Yourself Financially

My LYF Plan

Investment Advice

Wealth Planning

Life Insurance

Welcome to Love Yourself Financially

Also known as LYF (pronounced life)

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Get tips from me, and encouragement and support from ladies like you. Join the journey to Love Yourself Financially.


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LYF Webinars


I host monthly webinars on various wealth-building topics.

August topic: Marriage and Money


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The LYF Pillars


Earn Wealth: Multiple Income Streams

Build Wealth: Multiply Your Income

Preserve Wealth: Generational Wealth


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About Lydia

My big-picture purpose is to provide economic development opportunities to women.


As a Wealth Advisor and Wealth & Mindset Coach, I have had the honour of:

  • Running monthly workshops for women since 2019
  • Being invited to speak at various workshops on wealth-building
  • Impacting over 800 women through my
    Workshops in North America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia
  • Helping women to embrace a wealth mindset
  • Helping women see opportunities and start their businesses
  • Helping women understand investing in getting started
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Your dream is having it all, effortlessly - being able to:

  • Work in a career that you enjoy that that continuously inspires and energizes you
  • Manage your time as you’d like so you can live life free and on your own terms
  • Support others through challenges you’ve been able to overcome
  • Have enough money and time which and use them to help the oppressed and vulnerable
  • Use your wealth to enhance your family’s lifestyle
  • Use your wealth to support the dreams of your loved ones
  • Use your wealth to elevate your community

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My LYF Plan is my 3-Month Coaching program for Professional Women to Build Wealth with Ease.

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Shahida Bhandia

The workshops I've been to were very interactive. I like the questions you presented to the group, this made me think about how I spend and save money. I also benefited from the list of ways you could still go out and have a nice, by using promotions available in Abu Dhabi.

Kati Hovi

I really like the workshops. The main thing for me is to talk about finances, getting everyone to think about theirs and not ignore the situation. Even with even small chances in your life you can have a big impact for your future. Thank you Lydia for bringing women together.

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