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Welcome to my world; where financial empowerment meets abundance, confidence, and ease. My big-picture purpose is simple: I want to see you Love Yourself Financially (aka LYF - pronounced life)


As a Wealth Advisor and Coach, I have had the privilege of working with women from all walks of life. My heart lights up when I witness the transformation of women who shift their relationship with money, gain clarity, and make confident money decisions, enabling them to build wealth with ease.

LYF is here to help you embrace a Wealth Mindset and achieve financial freedom, no matter where you are on your financial journey.

I offer workshops that have impacted over 1,000 women worldwide, from North America to Asia, and everywhere in between. My goal is to help you see opportunities, increase your income, start your business, and make confident money decisions that will change your life.

I understand that your financial journey is as unique as you are. That's why I offer personalized coaching sessions that provide the tools and inspiration you need to take control of your finances and achieve your wildest dreams.

So join me on this journey towards a more abundant and fulfilling life. When you work with me, you'll not only get the financial tools you need but also the inspiration and motivation to achieve your wildest dreams.

When I'm not helping women transform their financial lives, you can find me exploring new cultures, eating good food, and living My Wealth LYF.

Whether you're a mom, business owner, career professional, wife or divorcee, you deserve to be wealthy.

Join the next TLC Squad to reclaim your relationship with money to build wealth with confidence and ease.

Do You Need Investment Advice?

Invest Intelligently with Innovative Investment Solutions

As a Senior Investment Manager, I provide bespoke financial advice to professionals and business owners worldwide.

From contemporary art to real estate and private equity offerings, my dedication is to offer highly personalized advice and support.

This ensures that clients feel confident and secure in their journey toward financial success, freedom, and wealth preservation through our mutually beneficial partnership.

"I found that you were compassionate, empathetic and understanding. You also pushed me when I needed to be pushed."

Tarryn Martin

"Lydia has been great with my account. As a newbie to investment, she has been able to explain stuff to me so easily that it doesn't seem complicated any longer. I also appreciate her monthly updates, it's very helpful to know what my money is up to."

Edyth Schandorf

"Having Lydia Andrews as my wealth adviser makes my life much easier! she’s extremely dedicated and always has my best interest at heart. So now, instead of trying to figure out where to invest my money myself, I have Lydia, who periodically presents me with options, answers all my questions and ensures the investment process is as seamless as possible. She’s an invaluable asset to my financial journey!"

Nanama Acheampong

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