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You found me because:

Right now, you’re struggling with knowing how to use your hard-earned money to live not just a good life, but a satisfying and fulfilling life. What are the dreams you had as a little girl or teenager? What did you used to do that sparked joy that slowly died when others convinced you it wasn’t realistic? What do you daydream about, hoping to do it...”one day”?

And after trying to learn tricks from “experts” on YouTube and social media, talking endlessly with friends and family for advice, trying various career paths, you’re still struggling to figure out how you can merge your passion and your desire for wealth.

Now you’re not even sure if the life you’ve been dreaming of can be a reality, despite all your efforts.

You’re frustrated that after so many years and so much effort, you feel like you’re back at square one. After all the time and money, you’ve invested in discovering yourself and trying out different ideas, you know it’s time to make money doing what you love.

Your dream is having it all, effortlessly - being able to:

  • Stop working in a career that is not in sync with your values
  • Stop working in a career that has you feeling constantly fatigued
  • Manage your time as you’d like so you can live life free and on your own terms
  • Support others through challenges you’ve been able to overcome
  • Have enough money and time which and use them to help the oppressed and vulnerable
  • Use your wealth to enhance your family’s lifestyle
  • Use your wealth to support the dreams of your loved ones
  • Use your wealth to elevate your community
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This is the life you’ve been imagining for years. Once you’ve used my framework to uncover your purpose, you'll be able to focus on how to make money for it. It’s the same framework I’ve used to help my clients over the past 5 years.

Imagine how much more fulfilled you’d feel once you can:

  • Know that everything you’re working on throughout your day is focused and geared towards your bigger purpose, your why.
  • Feel confident in your ability to create and earn multiple income streams.
  • Wake up every morning doing what you love while also knowing you’ve made money passively while you sleep.
  • Be able to get up, get on a plane to travel to and work from one of the many countries on your “must-visit” list.
  • Get out of survival mode so you can focus on supporting and elevating the people around you.
  • Knowing you can have all of this will bring you fulfillment, peace of mind, bliss and security.

About Your Coach

I’ve always felt quite strongly about what my purpose is but I didn’t always pursue it.

My big-picture purpose is to provide economic development opportunities to women.

When I started focusing on my vision rather than my goals, everything around me started aligning. And that’s when I realized having goals simply wasn’t enough to life a satisfying life.

It was in becoming a financial advisor that I began to see that there are endless opportunities to gain wealth. The issue is that we don’t know where to find it or how to create it.

I am absolutely content in my journey to making money and building wealth because there’s a vision behind it. I want to offer the same opportunity to other like-minded women who are where I was and need expert support to get them to the next step.

That’s the WHY behind My LYF Plan.

It’s a simple formula: Purpose + Wealth = Fulfilment

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After 5 years as a financial advisor and over 2 years of running Love Yourself Financially, I’ve noticed there are several common mindsets professional women have that are holding them back.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You’ve internalized the voices you heard growing up saying “you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, who do you think you are?”
  • Your fear of failure overwhelms you.
  • Ever the perfectionist, you never think what you’ve worked on is good enough to share with others
  • Your self-doubt has you self-sabotaging by procrastinating
  • You’ve had no examples around you, no one to show you it truly is possible
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Introducing My LYF Plan

A 4-Month Coaching Program to help you Monetize Your Purpose


Here’s what we will cover:

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Module 1:

Uncover Your Purpose

Uncover your dreams & reflect on your experiences to determine your values and realize your purpose.


Module 2:

Your Legacy

Build The LYF Roadmap to transform your purpose into your legacy and positively impact the world.

Module 3:

What’s Limiting You?

Eliminate insecurities, overcome limiting beliefs and step into the confident woman you are.

Module 4:

Your Money & Your Tribe

Embody a wealth mindset and create wealth-building habits that will unlock unlimited opportunities.

Module 5:

Putting it all Together

Put it all together and implement your business idea.



Support for Group Coaching:

Private Facebook Community: Our private Facebook community is a safe space where you can network and connect with other entrepreneurs while getting feedback on your progress each week.

8 (eight) Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls: Get all of your questions answered by Lydia and well as accountability and encouragement from the ladies.

5 (five) Modules with videos and assignments

Add-ons for One on One Coaching:

All the support from the Group Coaching


8 (eight) Bi-weekly One on One Coaching Calls: specifically  geared towards your unique needs and growth

1 (one) VIP Day: within 30 days after the program ends


Your Investment

There are only 20 spots available for My LYF Plan

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Group Coaching


One-time payment of $2000 or 4 easy payments of $650

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One on One Coaching


One-time payment of $6000 or 4 easy payments of $1900

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What my clients say about working with me:

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Knowing that I'm working on a project that is my passion and will net me $25,000 has given me the courage to pursue other aspects of my goals.

Honestly, I'd done a lot of vision boards and actual actions.

Working with Lydia helped me identify the exact number I needed to make the move I desired and how I could make my ideas come to life in a tangible way.

I also love the network of women you've assembled. Being in such a dynamic and empowered group really does make me feel like I've found not only my coach but my tribe.


Korbalagae Kuawogai | Dubai, UAE

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Before working with Lydia, I was struggling with finding my purpose.

Now, I have something to focus on and a goal to work towards.

Lydia gives me encouragement, accountability and helps me build more courage.


Kerra Fowler | Al Ain, UAE



Over the years I have struggled with the thought of securing myself for the future, not knowing where to start.

Being part of this group has helped me overcome the anxiety I used to feel when it came to investing. Now I can clearly understand where to start from.

I'm boldly loving myself financially... thanks to you.


Sandra Asantey | Accra, Ghana




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I was looking for guidance on how to manage my finances and get out of financial overwhelm.

My business is thriving, yet I felt lost on how to handle my personal and business finances efficiently.

My goal is to keep growing and scaling my business while enjoying more and more freedom as a business owner.

With Lydia’s help and as we work on improving this, I am also working on my mindset to make the necessary mental and business adjustments that align with my goals.I look forward to seeing more results as I continue to work with you.

From one coach to another, I want you to know that your support is valuable.

Dr. Ayat Mekki | Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Who is this for?

This is for you if…

  • You are a professional woman
  • You are dissatisfied with your career, and your finances are not lining up with the dreams you have
  • You are making good money, but you are unfulfilled
  • The quality of life you desire requires more money than you currently have
  • You have the business idea but you don’t know how to execute 
  • You aspire to build generational wealth and leave a legacy

This is NOT for you if…

  • You are satisfied with the amount of money you’re making
  • You have no interest in living on passive income
  • You know what your purpose is and you are living it and fulfilled by it
  • You are content with your current life and would be content continuing your life as it is
  • You are a successful serial entrepreneur
  • Legacy is not something you’re thinking about right now
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