What’s Your Wealthy LYF Number?

Nov 04, 2022
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Have you ever calculated Your Wealthy LYF number aka your financial freedom number?

Your Wealthy LYF number is the value of your investment portfolio so you can live on passive income.

This number will help guide you on how much you need to be investing TODAY to live Your Wealthy LYF.

Without a clear picture of what Your Wealthy LYF looks like, you will end up living a life you don’t want because you don’t have enough money.

Do you want to go your whole life living a life you don’t even want? Wouldn’t that be tragic?

I don’t want that for you. I want you to have enough money so you have the option to do what you want, with enough money to do so.

This is living Your Wealthy LYF.

Let’s look at four steps to calculating Your Wealthy LYF number:

1️⃣ Describe Your Wealthy LYF in detail. How old are you? Where are you? Who’s with you? What does your lifestyle look like?
2️⃣ How much money will you need for this lifestyle on a monthly basis? This is your monthly income number.
3️⃣ Multiply your monthly income number x 12. This is your annual income number.
4️⃣ Multiply your annual income number x 20. This is Your Wealthy LYF number. 💰


Saving isn’t enough. You’ve gotta invest!

You need to invest for Your Wealthy LYF to come true.

Write Your Wealthy LYF number somewhere you will see it often.

DM me on IG or drop me an email to let me know Your Wealthy LYF number! I’ll help you outline your next steps.

Have a great weekend!

Lydia ðŸ˜

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