💰Financial Fridays - My divorce story

Apr 20, 2023

I don't talk about my divorce much because it's well in the past and there's no need. But I feel compelled to share a few details of my own divorce story with you all.

I got married in September 2015 and got divorced in September 2020. When I moved out, my personal expenses quadrupled. 

I consider myself fortunate that I was able to afford everything I needed during and after the divorce. But not all women may be as fortunate. 

Divorce can have serious financial implications, especially for women who may face unique challenges in the process.

As I went through my own healing process, I realized that I could use my experience to help others. I have been able to encourage many other women (and some men) as they navigate their own divorce journeys. That's why I've decided to hold a webinar in a few weeks to share valuable information and insights.

I understand that divorce is a sensitive topic, so you’ll be able to join the webinar anonymously if you prefer. Whether you've been through it, you're currently going through it, or you're considering it, I invite you to join. Even if you're not personally considering divorce, the information I share can help you support friends or loved ones who may be going through it now or in the future.

Did you know that statistics show that half of all marriages end in divorce? That's why I feel it's crucial to share this information. Divorce can have a significant financial impact, and being informed and prepared can make a difference.

I hope that my webinar can provide valuable insights and support for those who need it.

Remember, you are not alone, and there is support available. Let's empower ourselves and others with knowledge and understanding as we navigate the challenges of divorce.


Title: Untying the Knot: Financially Preparing for Divorce
Date: Thursday, May 4th, 2023
Time: 11 am EST | 3 pm GMT | 7 pm UAE (one hour)
Location: ZOOM details will be sent closer to the date


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